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Found 1 result

  1. In run and gun/unscripted scenarios how do you guys balance getting good sound with getting a good take? I've been around on shoots where there is some epic emotional heart rending moment, the camera has been rolling a few minutes and the talent has forgotten its there, the tears are welling up and the sound guy will shout, "No, I just heard some dogs barking". Other times you go on a shoot and inevitably there is building work next door or a constantly circling helicopter. You need to get the job done though (often with time constraints) and will mic appropriately but you will inevitably have noise/issues. Do you demand a new location or shout, " I cant work like this". Camera ppl never worry as they are getting great visuals. I do find some of my colleagues are a bit neurotic and maybe we are more finicky than we need to be on occasion (Im not talking feature film or commercial) but general vidiot stuff . We worry about a lot and bit rates and high quality gear but do the public really give a toss if its been recorded at 16bit or 24 and at 44 or 192? Do they notice a Schoeps vs a Rode? once its been edited, bounced off a satellite in space and comes out of the 6" spkr on their tv or computer? I guess its a bit more important now with lossless digital delivery but there is certainly audio fidelity degradation along the path. Im not sloppy (I dont think, but reading some posts here makes me think maybe I am :)) So I guess my question is about expedience, getting a job done and where the general public start to care?