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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everybody, I was looking through the forum to see if there was any similar topic in the past but i didnt manage to find something specific so here I am posting the question. I will be doing a hidden camera shoot in a black cab in 3 days and looking for opinions. We will be using three cameras and the plan is to target groups of one to two passengers maximum. Of course that means that we wont know where exactly people will seat or towards where they will look etc so I need to cover all bases. My idea is to use 4 mics in the passenger cabin. initially I thought of using two DPA 4098 for when passengers are fully relaxed in their seats and two DPA 4060 high sensitivity mics with the BLM mount in the case passengers decide to come forward to talk to the driver. The big question mark is where exactly I'm gonna put these and how I'm gonna hide them so that they dont draw attention. I know that I can get away with a lot cause usually people are fully absorb in their own things so they dont notice what is obvious to us that placed it there but the clients can be difficult. I dont think I will have a problem attaching the BLM mount in the roof. I have ordered some upholstery fabric (same as the one that is already on the ceiling) and I'm planning to attache some on the ceiling with double sided tape to use it to hide cables or even mics but not sure how to get away with hiding the 4098 and be at the same time closer to the passenger. The gooseneck accessory is great for angling etc but I believe it will make it to noticeable and maybe without it I can get away with planting it. Another option is to use normal lapels that have smaller foorprint and are a bit easier to hide but I believe the 4098 will pick up further than a cos 11 but again the cos 11 will be more forgiving with angles being an omni. Other option is to use 4 x 4060 with the BLM mounts. I have never used in the car to be honest but I have listened to some tests online and they sounded pretty good. Any thoughts? Has anybody done any similar jobs? We will be recording inside the cab into 3 pix240 and my plan was to use cables directly into my nomad and then feed sound into the 3 pix 240. I'm trying to find out if there is any neat way of routing cables from the passengers cabin into the drivers cabin but I have not heard back from the driver or his company. The only way I can think of at the moment is through the money tray that is on the panel that separates the two cabins but it might end up being too messy with a lot of cables. We will be following on a van monitoring everything so I will use two radios to send a feed. Will probably use an antenna distribution system with shark fins to receive the signal in the van to make sure we have solid radio link. Any thoughts would be very welcomed. Here is a link for a picture of the interior of a black cab https://photos-0.carwow.co.uk/blog/1600/Black+Cab+interior.jpg I tried to attach some pictures but the upload was always failing. Thanks