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Found 4 results

  1. chrisyking

    Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon

    Just bought one of these babies, on offer for a tenner on amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Technology-Simultaneously-BT-C3/dp/B00Y0JGI8U They have APTX so make a nice little TX for giving up to two aptx enabled feed headsets for director/cameraman. The aptx is low enough latency to use for non critical use I reckon. Am going to make a headphone out cable for my SD633 aux outputs. Just thought I would share.... Chris King
  2. Hey All, I'm looking for a solution to quickly dump a sound report from my 664 to my iPhone so I can email it off quickly at the end of my workdays. Research so far has led me to WiFi enabled SD cards, WiFi SD card readers and Lightning SD card readers. Currently I think my best potential solution is the WiFi enabled SD cards. It is smallest of the solutions. Most cards seem to have their proprietary apps you have to use to transfer files. Some, like the Eye Fi brand, only allow you to transfer photos and video from cameras. Toshiba Flash Air seems to allow all files to be transferred from their SD cards. Documentation on these products, their specs and transferring functions has not been the easiest to find. NOTE: I am well aware that these cards are not approved media- they would be used to quickly transfer a sound report from the CF to the WiFi SD then onto my iPhone. I am not looking to record successfully on said cards. So before I go blow some $$ on something that may not work, I thought I would ask you wonderfully helpful people here at JWSG: Has anyone had experience using this solution or these WiFi cards in a Sound Devices mixer for simply transferring files to their iPhone/mobile device? Does anyone have another solution that they successfully use to get sound reports to their mobile device in the field without lugging around a laptop? Thanks! Todd Steinhauer
  3. VM

    Bluetooth to XLR

    On a TV show I will have to record a FaceTime call on a phone. The director do not want to see any wire. Do you know if there is a bluetooth to xlr adapter ? I will probably have to send ton the phone the progra (minus 1). Any ideas ? Thank you
  4. Takuro Kochi

    Roland R-88 Fader

    JL cooper MCS-Pro FaderMaster Professional http://www.jlcooper.com/_downloads/mcsproseries/r88_fademaster_setup.pdf