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Found 1 result

  1. I am not sure in what forum on this board this issue belongs best or will develop, so I post it in general discussion, but it may be free to be moved to workflow or whatever else. Also, I hope this will not derail into a political conversation about Snowden or US administrations but stay on a technical perspective. Before Laura Poitras won her oscar for "citizen four", she held a talk at the 31c3 conference in witch she called for encrypted storage cameras as an important tool for investigative journalists, since video footage can be seized and crews be held accountable for by whatever government. https://media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2014/31c3_-_6154_-_en_-_saal_1_-_201412272300_-_crypto_tales_from_the_trenches_-_nadia_heninger_-_julia_angwin_-_laura_poitras_-_jack_gillum.html#video (I'll post the exact position of the relevant claim as soon as I find time to review it) The referenced part is at minute 33:50 If this is true for cameras, it is just as true for sound recordings, maybe even more. However, just as in video cameras, non of the usual suspects (I am aware of) SD, Zaxcom, Aaton, Aeta, Tascam, etc provide such a feature. If you have a job, requireing this feature, you could realize this with some direct to computer setup (with all its caveats regarding mobility and ruggedness). Apart from governments or powerful organizations, there are other threads. Just imagine, your Nomad/788t/whatever gets stolen (or copied by some janitor after work) and the content of the upcoming episodes of the TV show you're working on appears in some torrent, spoiled on reddit... you get my idea. For the latter thread, whatever proprietary encryption, like Zaxcom uses on its wireless might be sufficient. For any potential thread involving government or big organization interests, you would probably want a public peer reviewed implementation of the code and hardware. However, even if our usual suspects implement such features, they'll probably never provide open source code for their firmwares (or the relevant parts). In the past, I've been working on a foreign feature film, that included crossing various borders and dealt with some national cultural taboos most political parties there including the government of that time "dislikes". Encryption whould have (at least) made me feel more comfortable, but resources did not allow it. Now, my question is: Do you ever had the need or the wish for encrypted storage? Whould you like the usual suspects to implement such a feature? If your answer to the latter is "yes", whould you say that even some proprietary encryption is better to have than no encryption?