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Found 3 results

  1. Congrats to all the nominees this year! Fine work all the way around. Sound Mixing categories here: http://cinemaaudiosociety.org/54th-cas-awards-nominees/ Products here: http://cinemaaudiosociety.org/54th-outstanding-product-awards-nominees/
  2. Hello All, I asked a few mixers whom I greatly respect to help me to apply for CAS membership. Graciously they have agreed to sponsor me. However, the application calls for a "comprehensive letter of recommendation"? Can someone tell me exactly what CAS is looking for in one of these letters? I'm assuming they want to know the work history of said applicant, but that information is pretty much covered in the actual application. What exactly does CAS want to see in that letter? Thanks for any advice you can give me! John
  3. The Cinema Audio Society Awards Banquet brings a lot of accomplished players in our industry to Los Angeles this week, including the nominees for the CAS Technical Achievement Award. So, we invited them to Trew Audio in Los Angeles to hang out with everyone. There are events on Thursday, February 18, and Friday, February 19. On Thursday, Feb 18, Glenn Sanders and Colleen Goodsir will be present to talk about Zaxcom's Wideband Recording Wireless System that received a CAS nomincation. It's also fair to predict that some information about the newly announced Deva 24 might be leaked! On Friday, Feb 19, we will have Gordon Moore, President of Lectrosonics, Jon Tatooles, Managing Director of Sound Devices, and Production Mixer Whit Norris for Aaton. Gordon Moore will show Lectrosonic's nominated product, the Venue-2 Multi Receiver System, and will be demonstrating its Wireless Designer Software. Also an expert on the FCC and our fight for our remaining wireless mic RF spectrum, Gordon will give us an update on what the RF future holds. Jon Tatooles, will give an in-depth look at Sound Devices' SL-6 Super Slot Receiver Control Module for which they were nominated, as well as the latest capabilities of the CL-12 control surface with its new firmware revision. Whit Norris, Atlanta-based Production Sound Mixer and early adopter of the CAS nominated Aaton Cantar X3 Recorder, will be with us to talk through his use of the Cantar X3 on the recently wrapped production of Passengers. Those who will not be in Los Angeles can watch the gathering streamed to all of the Trew Audio showrooms, and it can be viewed anywhere in the world on the Trew Audio website. It will be a very informative two days at Trew Audio!