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Found 6 results

  1. So I am doing sound for a series of fitness videos coming up in a couple of weeks and I am struggling to eliminate the cable/headset mount noise that I am getting. I've been strain relieving the cables from the back of the headset to the shirt (using dual ear versions) and placing the headset as snug as I can get it but I still get some noise when the speaker is moving their head around. It seems like its coming from the cable and the frame of the headset itself. We are using the following: 3x Countryman H6DW5B (H6=both ears; DW5=standard gain for general speaking; B=Black color
  2. I bought two countryman b3 and configured them for Sony UTX-B03 according to the configuration that the countrymand website indicates. Everything works fine, but when I touch the capsule I hear a noise. Sanken Cos-11, Sony, Lectrosonics, etc. They have no noise when the capsule is touched using Sony UTX-B03 https://countryman.com/images/wiring/B3_SN.png Some help?
  3. Here's my review of the Countryman B2D Cardioid lavalier. Got video so you can hear and see what I'm talking about. http://tyfordaudiovideo.blogspot.com/2014/02/countryman-b2d-cardioid-lav-another.html Regards, Ty Ford
  4. Hello, great community here. Couldn't find an answer anywhere, so thought i'd ask here: has anyone tried to use the countryman b6 caps (http://www.trewaudio.com/store/Countryman-B6-Protective-Cap-Flat-Response.html) over the OST TL40 lavs? Saw the threads here on reducing the pops on the TL40, but was looking for other options too. Thanks!
  5. Ben

    A Bendy B6

    Good News Everyone, A while back I was minding spacing out during a boring interview. There was no cell service and no WiFi so I was forced to use my imagination like a chump. I had just wrapped up work on the SNL documentary "Live From New York" and I was thinking about how hard a time I had micing up all those interviews. We had a whole string of famous and busy people. Every moment I spent wiring talent was time spent not interviewing. With all eyes on me, I was often forced to do a pretty shitty job - Praise Be to the Boom! Through the course of my mental meanderings I had a flash of insig
  6. Hi All, First time poster long time reader. I have just bought my first Lectros- used 211/200c, three sets. I did a search of the forum, but couldn't quite find the issue I'm having. Search functionality was good though Here's what I'm doing, and the issue I'm having- hopefully someone can help me diagnose the problem. 211/200c w/ Countryman B3 (hot mic, extra crisp cap) into SD664. There's a noise/hiss which occurrs in unison with the syllables of dialogue/all transient sounds. The noise almost seems to 'gate', in the sense that it will only be audible with the passing of dialogu
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