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Found 3 results

  1. After a few mods and additions, looks like I'm finally mobile with this bag cart. The best part is it all folds up into a sedan trunk with ease. Now if only I can hire a boom op more often... Thanks to Scott Farr for the folding hand truck
  2. Here is a pic of my soundcart I buildt a few years back. Still being improved, of coarse. It is based on magliner, modified with shelves and stands for booms, antennas etc. It can hold two 35 Ah batterys but usually I only use one, the other batteryholder goes to the wireless utility bag, wich is the same size. Two lentequip cabledrums can also fit on the bottom, giving easily 50m of video cable if needed. It can either hold my Ad 256 or as here a drawerkit. In this production I need quickly to go off-cart so the mixer is too fuzzy. All the antennasplits are done in the bag. So one has to switch the powersource and replace the sharkfins with wips, mounted on the harness, and off you go. As antennas I use rf venue's comboantenna, for critical applications I replace the small ones with a helical of the same brand. I used to have two sharkfins, but after modifying the lectros to the new frequencys here in Finland I had to replace those. Been pretty happy with the rf venue's, despite the very interesting discussion taken place here about using them with non-diversity (almost-diversity) receivers. But they shure are nice in transport;) The power is a PSC powestrip together with a charger capable of refreshing the battery , so it can be plugged and unplugged withouth noticing anything else than a slight drop in the voltage. The small wheels could be a bit bigger, but it has proved itself to be quite good in terrain, the low weighpoint helps. And for me it has worked without frontwheels, you never have to whorry about the cart doing some rolling on its own. Insted of wheels it has two "wobbly" rubber dampers, taking away some stress during transport and on cartrailers. We have shared some nice moments, so she has deserved a name. She is called Lady Pirina.
  3. An ongoing topic over the winter, as I proceed toward downsizing the main cart. Drill down (ahem) into some detail in the video relative to accessorizing and punching holes in the shelves, including putting some handles on the nose end for going up stairs, and a small nose-end shelf as a phone charging station. Got an iPhone charging cable, but hope to get donations of Blackberry and a couple other phone charging cables (got any extras laying around?) to plug in to the external AC option I opted for: The AD255 and clip board fit just right: Um-hm. Tomorrow, the re-wire with advices from John Garrett in mind (thanks for the consult, John). Whoo-hoo: Sound Cart 3.0 sports four pneumatic wheels (2x8" smart, and 2x10" dumb). Smoother riding! Yeah! Let's roll! -- Jan
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