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Found 4 results

  1. I used a Sennheiser G3 wireless kit as a camera hop to a Canon C100 the other day. This was the second shoot for the unit on the camera. It rained. We covered the camera, but no one is perfect. It could have gotten some moisture where it shouldn't be. Everything appeared okay when I got home and checked the gear. Today I pulled the G3 out again and couldn't get a decent input level on the mixer. I took it home and tested it in my 552, then direct to a 744T and again with a DR100MK II. All of them had extmely low input levels and the signal sounded like it was on a high pass filter of at least 400Hz. I tested with two mics. Both the same. I reset both the transmitter and receiver to factory. Same. Any insight before I schedule a repair?
  2. Ben B

    Rain Protection, salty water

    So i'm going on a shooting next month on the Mediterranean sea. Half of the film will take place on a very small boat on the sea (big enough to fit up to 4 people so you imagine a bit better what i'm talking about), the other half on a small island (might as well call it a big rock) and we'll be shooting always next to the water. Since it will be February it could be very windy, have a few waves and the air is filled with salt that goes everywhere. My question is what would be the best protection i could get for my gear. I will have my Orca OR30 with my 633 and 2 UCR411 and a boom. I will also have my Pelicase to store the rest of my equipment but i need something for my bag. I've seen the K-Tek rain bib and it looks nice but i'm wondering if it will fit with my petrol bag harness (PS 605). Anyone have a better idea? Another product? A DIY solution? Thanks! Ben
  3. Topic pretty much says it. My experience with all the functional outdoor sports stuff is, the more rainproof and stiff the outer fabric is, the noisier it gets. What do you wear booming/close2camera in harsh weather conditions to avoid noise (and advise Camerapeople etc to do also)?
  4. stephensharrod

    Being Ready For Rain

    Was wondering what everybody's methods were. I have the boom rain guard, and the cover for my petrol bag and I wrapped the boom in plastic for the connections, being extra careful to not have much plastic bag noise. I know trew has a whole cover guard. But I always wonder what other people's methods are, and I always see on big shows they have rain towers and everything and people just get drenched. What does everyone do to keep the gear dry?