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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, I just signed up and am happy to be part of this community. I'm looking for a windshield, mainly for field recording with my Mkh 8050/30 combo. The problem is that I'm really picky with sound quality.. The windscreen I'm looking for should be as transparent as possible. Meaning as little sound or pickup pattern coloration as possible. I actually care less about the wind protection itself as I'll never be recording in heavy conditions (for now). I've done some recordings with a regular Rycote Windshield (WS2 or WS4 can't remember) and also with a probably less known Sennhei
  2. Has anybody got experience using both Rycote and Rode windshield solutions?I am trying to mount a pair of Sennheiser MKH8050s in an ORTF configuration inside some wind protection for recording atmos outdoors. I have found a solution using a Rycote WS4 windshield and by making a couple of low-profile XLRs to get it all to fit inside.The problem is.. it fits, but only just. Even with the small mics and low-profile connectors, there is only about a millimetre or two between the inside of the windshield and the mics. This is causing the mics to bang against the inside with the slightest movement.I
  3. What are field tested opinions of the Rycote Suoer Blimp NTG. It is cheaper the the Rode Blimp which is surprising for a Rycote product, and it is considerably cheaper than any other Rycote Blimp. Seems to have everything the other Rycote blimps have such as RF shielded cable, lyre mounts, changeable pistol grip/boompole mount etc. Wondering what the catch is...
  4. I have been using a fur ball wind gag that I got from Rick Patton in Vancouver (RIP Rick) a number of years ago. It's a combo of fur and foam and pops directly over the CMC much like a regular pop filter. This rig works well for fast interior moves and is ok for outside use with winds up to say 10 mph. I'd like to be able to use a similar rig with better wind protection and am looking at the Rycote Baby Ball Gag but have a few questions. Is this rig still usable when the GVC swivel is added between capsule and pre amp as in will the gag interfere with the mount and does it fit securely on the
  5. UPDATE: Just wanted to set the record straight on this one. I swapped out my WS-1 for the non ZLM one, so the lyres are now stiffer and it now works fine. I now think that the funny ringing might have been some weird combination of my boom pole, the lyres and the basket all being in sympathetic resonance. I would like to say that the 8060 WS-1 combo is really fantastic. The basket is just a great size, and the mic is basically just like a 416 but nice and short and with a better wider sweet spot. I tested the WS-1 fur in high wind the other day and it works great. I'm very ha
  6. Hi everyone, We recently had the pleasure to talk to Production Sound Mixer, James Sieczka. After working in Asia for many years and learning from Oscar winners Greg Curda and Emmy winner Les Wolf, he returned to the States to partner with Noise Boys LLC. We're really grateful for the interview and tips he shares with us. The interview shares some great insights of what it takes to move along the career path of a professional sound engineer. http://rycote.com/microphone-windshield-shock-mount/interview-with-james-sieczka/ They'll be more interviews to follow - I hope you enjoy it. Cheers,Simon
  7. I've been happily using my Rycote Invision mount for a couple years now with much satisfaction. However the internal coiled cable on my Ktek pole has developed a short right where I usually tuck the exterior portion into the cable management hook on the Invision mount. I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced this issue and attribute the short to the cable management hook? If it's a problem for multiple people them maybe it's something that might need to be brought to Rycotes attention. Of course it could be that the cable has a short for no other reason than continual use. Matt
  8. Now the proud owner of a cinela pianissimo, thought others may be interested to see a comparison with rycote windshields. FWIW, the cinela pianissimo is roughly the same size as the rycote AE stereo windshield. Will report on performance in the next few weeks as I only picked it up yesterday! More info from cinela here: http://www.cinela.fr/pianissimo.php Pictured: old style 416 rycote , stereo AE, pianissimo mkh m/s (with top cover off) & mkh50 w/bb gag
  9. Hello, has anyone here tried to put their own coiled cable into a rycote boompole without one? The construction seems almost the same. I only need the cable and cut the hole in the bottom. Also - any tips on sourcing coiled cable? Thanks, Jonas
  10. Please meet our new Tiny Mike Sets http://vimeo.com/84658414 Now including a Rycote InVision and our sophisticated QBS More information about the new sets can be found here in our newsletter, or here on our website...
  11. Hi all, I've been a lurker here for quite a while and have even bought gear from a member, but this is my first post. Here goes! I have an MKH8040 and a MKH30 that I want to use in an M/S configuration. I'd like to get a Rycote stereo windshield kit for it but I'm a bit lost as to which. I'm familiar with their modular windshield kits for single mono mics, but have never worked with their stereo kits. The Rycote website is not too helpful, as my configuration is not listed in their guide (http://www.rycote.com/images/uploads/compatibility_charts/Stereo_Microphone_List-October_2010.pdf)
  12. Are the lyre shockmounts in the Rycote Softie grip able to comfortably hold a mic with a plugon transmitter on the end? You can with the old 'rubber doughnut' style, but I'm wondering if the lyres might bend too far or bounce about with the weight of the transmitter. I know this setup isn't ideal, but it can be useful for ENG (to put a mic at a podium, etc), and attaching the plugon to the end of the handle doesn't work if it is being attached to a stand. Chris
  13. Okay, believe me I do realize this is probably a moot point, but since I dont have much experience in this field I wanted to consult those that did before I make this swap. I just purchased a Rycote WindShield Kit 4 from B&H for my Sennheiser MKH-416 and as Im sure you all know it comes with the standard Grey WindJammer (Dead Cat, etc). Now, where I have intentions of shooting will mostly be in dimly lit areas, large warehouses (for which I might not even use the 416), or outdoors at night, around working artists who probably wont appreciate any distractions. So I was thinking that a b
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