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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm working on an environmental documentary mix and the editor/director did not include all the audio feeds into the timeline edit and resulting AAF. So I am trying to reconstruct the edited version of audio and replace the Lav Feed with the Boom. So I have all the original source RAW interviews that were recorded on location copied onto Temp tracks in the project. Is there any way to "match" by waveforms in Pro Tools 12HD? This would be similar to the way PluralEyes and Premiere Pro matches audio by analyzing waveforms. Ideally, I'd like to pull up some sort of plugin window, select my "Source" sample, and then Select the 1 hour long "Target" and hit a FIND button and it would search through and highlight the matching waveform from that long interview so I could copy and paste into the timeline. Is there any function in ProTools that does this or am I wishing for something that doesn't exist? Thank you, John
  2. I wasn't sure if here or "Post to the host" was the right place to post this... Many people wisely recommend using this forum's search feature before posting, but I found it to be less than helpful. It often does not return results, or returns very few even when searching for common words. For example, I was just reading in which page__view__findpost__p__117208 contains the words "SM58" and "Alexa". So I tried searching for "SM58 Alexa" without any quotes and it returned zero results. Even a simple searches for "schoeps mic" only returns 154 posts (not just threads) and "schoeps condenser" 0 results. contains all three words as typed and as part of another word, like mics and microphones. I know that these words have been used together in other posts. I also tried the advanced search to verify that it searches "title and content" in "Forums". I've learned that using Google produces much better results. For example, googling "site:jwsoundgroup.net schoeps mic" produces 2,020 results, "site:jwsoundgroup.net schoeps condenser" 182 results. Is there a reason why this forum's search feature doesn't work well? Is there a trick I don't know about? I've had decent results with other forums' searches. Mark O.
  3. Jeff Wexler


    I was having some trouble with Zaxconvert software on Lion so I decided to search here on the site. Somewhere I read that using " (quote marks) for exact words will clear up a lot of problems with this wonky search routine. So, I typed in "zaxconvert" (in quotes, of course) and it took me right to all the instances where zaxconvert was mentioned. This is not a "fix" for the search routine but it's worth a try in the future for any of us who have found the Search function to be really dis-functional here.