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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, FYI - Link to Sound Devices MixPre Series ver. 2.10 firware update : April 12, 2018 https://www.sounddevices.com/support/downloads/mixpres-firmware Last update Apr 12, 2018 Changes introduced in 2.10 include: New Remix (-3, -6, -10T only). Ability to playback any existing file and create a new LR mix by adjusting its ISO tracks' fader levels and pans. Remix is enabled in the Record menu and is only available in Advanced Mode or Custom Mode with Gain set to Advanced. Remixing requires that the source file include at least one ISO track. Re-record LR (-3, -6, -10T only). Ability to record the LR mix during remixing. All metadata from the source file is transferred to the re-recorded 2-ch LR mix poly wav file. A re-recorded file's name is the same as the original source file name but prefixed with the characters 'R_'. Re-recording requires Remix to be enabled and the source file to have at least one ISO track. Cue Marks. Support for cue marks to allow jumping directly to points of interest within a wav file. Cue marks can be added during recording or playback and can be deleted, named and moved. Jump directly to a cue mark by selecting it from a file's Cue List and then pressing play. On the 10T, skip from cue to cue using FFWD and REW joystick. Cue marks are embedded in the wav file's metadata and can be read and displayed by compatible computer applications (e.g. Adobe Audition, Reaper.) Option to set the USB Audio interface to output only 2 channels in order to increase compatibility with applications that do not support multichannel USB audio. Go to Menu>System>USB Audio and select Stereo Out. Additional channel linking options (-6, -10T only). For the MixPre-10T, additional options include 1-3, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-8, 5-7 and for the MixPre-6, option 1-3 is added. Link Type menu (-6, -10T only) providing the ability to choose which parameters are linked when linking three or more channels. Selecting the 'All' option links input type, trim gains, faders, limiters, low cuts, record arms, and delays. Selecting the 'Faders Only' option only links the faders. Changed Four button layout is now changed to six button layout in the Channel screens. Rendering start and stop points are now determined by the Play In and Stop cues if set. This is ideal for rendering out only a part of a project. (10M only) Cue markers are now embedded into rendered WAV files. (10M only) Mute now deactivates the input. Previously mute would only mute the input in the headphone monitor. Mute is now accessible via the Channel screen. 10T factory default mode is now set to Advanced instead of Basic. Monitor button is now grayed out when Input is set to Off. (10M only) The track that is using 'Air' is now displayed in the greyed out button of other tracks. (10M only) Fixed Headphone clip indicator was only being displayed when adjusting headphone level Some USB keyboard shortcuts were not working (10M only) Brief audio burst when soloing a channel (10M only) Enabling a track's input monitor would incorrectly enable other tracks' input monitors during record (10M only) Transport stability, media performance and UI navigation have been improved Timecode Menu and USB Drive Status Error Handling have been improved (10T only) Fast Forward and Rewind were not responsive in the Channel screens. (10T and 10M only)