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    Hello. I want to buy a new wireless kit, and I have done a litle research about the 3 Companies that we mostly use. Lectrosonics- Zaxcom-Wisycom. Lectrosonics : SRC-SSM-SMWB I read,the SRC have some problems and they don't work very well.They have some issues until the company finds the right update. At the moment I prefer to trust the SRB model, but its price is the same with the SRC but on SRC you have a wider range . The ssm its very nice and good unit.The negative of this unit are the batteries..and maybe the 3pin lemo if you have already some kit of lectro. The SMWB is a very new unit,so I am waiting... In general Lectrosonics have an amazing construction. The TXs you have the opportunity to handle with LectroRM App for 21,99Euro. Zaxcom : QRX200-ZMT3 Just amazing. A good RF frequency range: 518 to 698MHz 100% digital and more. But I believe the construction of this unit is not good.They have many problems with updates, and here in Europe this creates problems when you get them for service. TXs have a 3 pin lemo. You can install for free the Zaxmote App. Wisycom : MCR 42s-MTP41 WIDEBAND! Very good construction.I believe if you want to have a good "relationship" with them and work right, you have to know the possibilities of these units. I read they have many problems with some background noise and they have a low line signal.If you want to repair one unit you must wait 2-3 months, and the company is in Italy. I believe they are very good units for live Tv and Broadcast. They TXs have 3pin lemo. They don't have an App. I believe Digital is the future for all companies and Zaxcom is very good in that. Also the 3 pin lemo will start being installed in all Txs. An the App helps a lot with the handling of the TXs. I would like to hear yours thoughts please and correct me if I am wrong somewhere. Thank you.