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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I just graduated from the Zoom H4 and H6. I've been in video production for a long time, I am a tech head, was a software engineer at Apple for several years, and learn quickly. I've used a bunch of prosumer audio equipment over the years (I hire audio guys for the higher-end projects) and actually fooled myself into thinking that I was pretty good with audio technologies... ha! Not quite. I realize that the F8 is on the line of pro and consumer, but it has officially kicked my butt. I apparently know nothing about pro audio :-( I have searched far and wide for some informati
  2. I recently purchased my Zoom F8 and even after using the F8 manual to learn how to set the PFL settings, the manual never defines what the PFL acronym stands for? I would appreciate any answer on what PFL actually stands for ? Byron,
  3. I recently discovered the CEDAR DNS2 which has been around since 2016. Like many of you I have encountered a lot of noisy environments, often caused by construction sites, public transportation trains, and of course our dearly beloved generators. One time I had to work at a house that had a very noisy air vent that neither the owner or I could ever figure how to shut down. My one solution was to use a pillow to block the noise, since I did not have sound blankets. Needless to say the pillow was thick enough to make it into a low hum. Though I have not had the chance to work with the CEDAR DNS2
  4. Hello all! Long-time lurker, first time poster here. Firstly I’d like to say how grateful I am to you all for maintaining this amazing site, for people like myself just starting out it is a fantastic resource. The fact that I am only just posting here with questions now is a testament to the richness of debate that goes on here. Keep up the good work! So I’m going to be mixing my first low budget feature next week, I have worked mainly as a solo sound recordist and boom op so far and have very limited experience producing a mix track. This time I’ve got a great boom op
  5. I bought zoom F8 year ago. i have problem since day 1 of my recording assignment. Sennheiser g3 lav F8 Slot 1 Rec mode 48k 24bits, poly8+LR Power mode- Ac Tc 24Fps RTC With this setup , moderate Distance in Between Tx n Rx , In standby all good, when i hit Record key on F8 , some times i hear pulse type noise in my Headphone. And of course it's being Record in file. I checked and played back same file .. first 6 sec. are clean (i kept 6 sec preroll) after that pulse are in files.. I did some RND and testing
  6. Hello, First off I'm new here so sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I wasn't sure if this should go here or in technical reference. I work as an on set sound mixer/boom op and every once and a while my recorder picks up this really strange buzzing noise. I've been doing some googling and can't seem to find other people with this problem. At first I thought it might be the lavs picking up some rogue wireless signal but it's coming through the boom track. I run a Sennheiser MKH 50 into a K-Tek pole with an internal wire into my Zoom F8 portable recorder with a
  7. Hi all, I'm wondering whether any of these cables would allow me to jam the F8 and the Arri Alexa mini. First time working with both. Which one you would recommned should be the master TC machine? I'm aware of the sync issues but there is no budget for lockit boxes so I'm thinking in jamming every few hours and when camera and/or F8 are switched off. Here are the links to the cables and pics: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/spanish/c/product/423968-REG/Sound_Devices_XL_LB2_XL_LB2_31_LEMO_5.html/?gclid=CLGq9f3QmMwCFVAvgQodMWEDnw http://www.bhphotovideo.com/spanish/c/product/1021813-R
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