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Zaxcom accessories


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Does anyone have some photos and information regarding the usefulness of a few of these Zaxcom accessories?

-Filter Dipole Antenna for a 900aa with stereo adapter (does it help? Is it worth the money? What does it look like?)

- Belt Clip for Belt-Pack style transmitters (Is this simply a replacement wire piece that fits on a 900lt or is this something different?)

-2.4ghz Directional Antenna

-2.4ghz Omnidirectional antenna

Any words of wisdom on a MicPlexer versus a different antenna distribution system? I have been eyeing up the new PSC RF SMA unit but haven't seen a price on it yet. I would personally love to A/B the MicPlexer with the PSC unit or any other small distributor.

Thoughts? Feelings? Heartaches? :)


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1. Filter Antenna: some people swear by it, saying it reduced the rf spray from the sta adaptor to almost nothing, others say it has nearly no effect. It looks like a circuit board in a neoprene pouch.

2. Pretty sure it's a replacement part. However, the clips for the LT line and the normal 900 line are different, and can't be interchanged.

3. Not sure

4. Standard 7dbi 2.4ghz rubber-ducky antenna with male SMA connector.

5. MicPlexer can only be used within the block it is purchased for (block 26 MicPlexer with block 26 RX's), whereas the PSC is wideband (470-870Mhz)

Edit: looks like the PSC unit needs 10-15vdc. Seeing as a fully charged np-1 (or any 14.4v lithium battery bar new lifepo4) puts out over 16v, that might cause problems...

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Interesting that some people notice drastic differences using the filter antenna while others do not. User error? Units set up incorrectly? Perhaps it works better with some blocks and not others? Spitballing here.

I have heard and read both good and bad things about the MicPlexer. Good when used in conjunction with shark fins, etc. However, some have actually noticed reduced range when using whip antennas directly on the MicPlexer. Anyone else have observations on this point?

All my talent wireless are in block 21 while my hops are in 26. So, I could get a MicPlexer built for that setup but then I'm limited to those blocks whereas the PSC unit has a more broad usage and I could mix blocks in the bag or on the cart.

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I have never actually done a walk test of my talent RFs with & without the FDP1 in place, but I can see about 50% signal on my 411's RF meter without the FDP1 in place and 0% signal with it (talent txs are in the OFF position)

Jason, do you get better range out of your talent wireless when using the filtered antenna on you transmitter to the camera?

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I've had issues with my filtered antenna. It managed to "untune" itself and had to be sent back to headquarters for retuning. (the little set screws at the bottom) There is a reduction in range when used, and it's ideal to use a frequency that's in the middle of the block. Further reduction in range when operating on the fringe.

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