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Show me your bag

Mark Vesterskov

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My latest and hopefully final petrol 614 mod. If I unzip the back I can take out the entire gear as one unit. Still need to make the sides softer with a leather strip...


I need my bag to be exactly as big as my rig.

This is where new portabrace suffers.


I need my bag to be lite. This is where the sting ray suffers.

Yet to check orcas.


I am designing my own bag and wireless mounts similar to how my modified 614 looks. Zippers on the side. One big compartment. I am straggling to find good 3d printer in town...





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Hello all, great bags in this thread. This is my first kit.. ever!

Been doing freelance sound for approx. 4 years now and I'm proud of my little set-up.

May not be much but is enough for the one-man-band-gigs I do when I'm not part of a larger team.



It's a Maxx in a 607 petrol bag with one lectro 411A/UM400a and one 210D/UM200c.

Power distro is a hawk-woods NP-shoe hidden in front of the receivers with NP35 or NP65 batteries.

MKH50 for boom and DPA 4061, Tram TR50 and Mickey Mic lavs.

Can't really put anything else in the bag now though..

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One unit all gear/wiring power. I am trying to 3d print one piece wireless holder that attaches to the Nomad or Maxx. Ideally the NP1 Cup will be a part of the skeleton.




I need to make custom size power and RF cables to make it cleaner




Space in the middle for NP1




NP1 cup permanently on the bottom. Again ideally the NP1 Cup will be a part of the wireless skeleton.




Easy access to wiring which is not a big deal when I can take the one unit recorder/wireless in and out the bag very easy.




Side zipper opening. "K-tek StinRay took that Idea from me and I think it is a MAST HAVE on a bag".




BNC permanent on a bag for easy interconnection between different antenna setups




I have to make straight BNC on the bottom.




How it looks from the top. Between 8-9 pounds weight.

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rado: " No left right mix. "

I suspect very few hops are actually stereophonic sound (spatial relationship)...


JP: " get Senator a part-time job training producers and production managers? "

I already have that job training (mostly wanna-bee) directors;  I'd be glad to teach a course for LP's, UPM's, etc.  I would certainly cover "unreasonable expectations"...

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