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Show me your bag

Mark Vesterskov

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On 1/30/2017 at 2:14 PM, PalmerT said:

Edit, are there any plastic loops on the bottom for a harness clip or just the 2 on top?

No I don't need loops on the bottom because it has a built in waste band/strap. But is does have molle if you pefer to use the bottom part of your harness instead of built in straps. Those straps can be tucked into the bag their is a compartment to hid them if you dont use them. I know for the ktek harness you would have to have bottom loops but for the others you can just use the bag strap it acts as the bottom half of the harness. Which I like cause then I add side pouches to the mole for my transmitters (Picture below).




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I've been using this "lite" kit more and more these days.  At this point it can cover most jobs as long as the client is ok with the ISO tracks being delivered separate from the pre-mix.  I can fit it all on my back so its easy to get to and from gigs on the crowded subway.  




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Yeah. RX200. Haha. I have another Nomad bag that I use for bigger jobs. It's pretty much the same Zaxcom kit that several folks have posted here. In Shanghai, I've been taking a lot of corporate and web doco jobs. Folks tend to be fine with a stereo deliverable (I charge less) so I was tired of the Nomad overkill (Back kill) kit. Haha. Switched to this kit using the Zaxcom Camera Link as my recorder and ISOs/backups on the TXs and it's really working out for me. If I used a MAXX then I couldn't power it with the Sony L batts and would not be able to fit the kit in the backpack. It's all about fitting everything I need in that pack. A fun challenge!



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Hello Sound Ninja!

20170219-22 Having Fun up north in Mont Tremblant, Québec!

What is in the bag :

Sound Devices 664 4.01

3x Lectrosonics Srb (1 x bloc 22 + 2 x bloc 24)

1x Lectrosonics 411 receiver (for boom (not on the picture))

1x Sennheiser HD25II 

1x PSC Antenna distro

1x BDS Energy distro

1 Np1 (in the bottom pocket)

1x Comtek transmitter (not showing on the picture, usefully next to the PSC)

1x empty space, for a next to come, SRB bloc 22 :)))))


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5 hours ago, John Ronnerblad said:

My first attempt in Zaxcom. So far so good!

and Ktek stingray jr... what an amazing bag. Heavy but great!


Love my Stingray Junior as well.  I have a similar setup to yours (2x SRb's) BUT with a SD 633.  Curious, why does your SRb screen's look different than usual?  What's up with those boxes on the screen?

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I picked up my Zaxcom QRX200, 2x TRXLA2 and the AudioRoot vmDBOX today. I feel like i finally have a serious rig now. :) (i had/have 2x Sennheiser EW100's). Very happy with this new setup, although because i dont have zaxnet i have to manually jam the tx's everytime i power them up.

Other items: Cinela Pianissimo, OSIX 2, MINIX CCM, Schoeps CMC6MK41, CCM41, Panamic pole, PSC travelpole, 2x Sennheiser EK300 for director, K-tek Harness, Tentaclesync. I power everything with a V-lock accu in the K-tek bag.



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19 hours ago, Ryz said:

Been awhile since my last post... My current setup. Squeezed the Nomad12 in a Ktek stingray junior bag. 🙂


Whoa! How did you do that?! Did you have to cut any of the material? Any chance on a closer picture?

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3 hours ago, PalmerT said:

Whoa! How did you do that?! Did you have to cut any of the material? Any chance on a closer picture?

Nope, no cutting involved except that it is very snugged. Just fixed a monitor into it even. 😁



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How do you like your UR5's?  Using them with UR1m's?

UR5's are awesome. I'm using mostly UR1, I was told UR1 sounds better than UR1M. I only use the UR1M when I have to for wardrobe. But IDK, I haven't personally done critical analysis to compare both. The UR5 saved my hinnie last week with the auto scan. Took 1 min to scan/find/set correct freq.
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This is my Cantar x3 bag V2 build by myself and inspired by (even partly used)  originaliteit Cantar bag but customized it to fit receivers and power distribution. For portable jobs I use a k-tec KSHRN2 which just started squeaking unfortunately. On set I work with a customized foldable table cart with extendable platform and leg. Also it will be possible to tower-up on to the receivers bag my PS3 multi sma antenna distribution and other stuff.

Let me know what you think!

best, Jaap





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