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Mark Vesterskov

Show me your bag

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35 minutes ago, Jason Mann said:

@Dejan Ceko, thanks! Looks like plenty of access to that headphone dial. I'm going to go for it.


How's that Hirose connector holding up?

A mixer I know had the Hirose connector on the 10T break in the middle of a shoot, that really sucked for him. He limped to the end of the day on the stock battery sled, and I heard it was no fun at all. He switched over to a battery sled mounted Hirose solution.

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50 or 416 > MM1 > F8, 411/um400 x2 (cos-11d), Rodelink camera hop, Tentacle Sync, UM100 to UCR100 x2 IFB, Orca 28 bag/orca harness, Talentcell for power


bag pic.jpg

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