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Buying cable connector parts and cable online


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I'm looking to solder a bunch of my own cables and I'm wondering where the best place to buy the cables and connectors would be online.

Looking to make:

XLR m-f

XLRm/f - 1/8 inch

XLRm/f - TA3f/m

Timecode cable for Sound Devices (Jam cable to Denecke Slates) also, BNC cables

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Just for "grins 'n' giggles," I did a price comparison of one item (Neutrik NC3MX, 3-pin male XLR connector):

Redco: $2.42

BTX: $2.54

Markertek: $2.59

MCM: $2.61

Mouser: $3.38

List price according to Markertek: $2.82

Nice list - my reason for choosing Mouser is that they, as the only one, offer delivery to Denmark, with import duties paid and free shipping on orders over $100..

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If you need Switchcraft parts, TA3F for example, they have a really cool feature on their website, near real-time stock check:


Shows you who has the parts in stock (and how many, but probably not an issue for our quantities) and if you click on the shopping cart icon, takes you right to that resellers page for the part.

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Any recommendations for well priced shielded mic cables? I hear Mogami is good, but I've mainly worked with Communitronics

Canare Star Quad cable is well worth the price. It comes in some different diameters. Other manufacturers offer similar twisted-double-pair cable.


This design helps to improve common mode rejection of induced hum and crosstalk.

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I will say that mousers online store is light years ahead of Markertek. Finding stuff on Markertek makes my head hurt and i feel like I'm always having to double check to make sure it's exactly what I'm looking for.

I just ordered some mini mic cable (Mogami) from Redco for the first time, they seem very good.

Digikey is also worth checking out.

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When I was buying as chief engineer at a college radio station, we usually went through Digikey and Mouser. As much as possible we tried to do a big end of the fiscal year purchase with what we needed for the year, so we were buying boxes of things like XLR connectors. It's also possible they gave a non-commercial student radio station a slightly better deal.

When I need an assortment of a few things, I often end up buying online from Markertek. When they have it in stock, I get it in Philly very fast. Their website tells you if it's in stock or not.

We often got cable from Clark wire and cable, so I already had a contact there. They make a Quad Star cable. Their FieldFlex cable is not quad, but really tough. I have had some for a few years that really hold up. http://www.clarkwire.com/cableMINK4.htm

Always been happy with their cable.

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