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Lemo Electrical Connectors

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Good evening, we noticed some traffic from this forum based on recommendation from other customers so we thought we would post here and provide some information about our products and company.


KeyWolf (http://keywolf.com/) is a global supplier of metal and plastic circular push-pull connectors. We supply LEMO equivalent and back-compatible (mateable) connectors at the fraction of the cost. These connectors are virtually the exact same as the LEMO connectors from manufacturing tolerances, electrical performance and materials with gold-plated contacts. We are constantly replenish our inventory every 2 weeks based on demand.

Please give our connectors a try and I'm sure you will find they will meet or exceed your expectations.


For the FGG male plug:

Datasheet: http://www.keywolf.com/metal_male_solder_plug.php

Engineering Drawing: http://www.keywolf.com/download.php?file=drawings/FGG.0B.pdf

3D PDF: http://www.keywolf.com/download.php?file=3D_PDF/FGG.0B.3D.PDF

3D Parasolid for Engineers: http://www.keywolf.com/download.php?file=parasolids/FGG.0B.x_t

Example pricing for the FGG.0B.304.CLAD42Z (Our P/N KW01.FGG.0B.304.CXAD42Z):

1+ $15.28

10+ $14.52

25+ $13.75

50+ $12.61

100+ $11.46

For the EGG female panel-mount socket:

Datasheet: http://www.keywolf.com/metal_female_solder_panel_mount_socket.php

Engineering Drawing: http://www.keywolf.com/download.php?file=drawings/EGG.0B.pdf

3D PDF: http://www.keywolf.com/download.php?file=3D_PDF/EGG.0B.3D.PDF

3D Parasolid for Engineers: http://www.keywolf.com/download.php?file=parasolids/EGG.0B.x_t

Example pricing for the EGG.0B.305.CLL (Our P/N KW01.EGG.0B.305.CXL):

1+ $9.40

10+ $8.93

25+ $8.46

50+ $7.76

100+ $7.05

Please use the Connector Configurator (http://www.keywolf.com/pn_config.php) to select and make a purchase. It is very intuitive and will guide you to make the correct selection.


For our international customers, we provide a low-cost First-Class International USPS shipping option for $14.99 for most orders.

Thank you very much and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and hopefully, I will be able to assist.

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To "keywolf":

Thank you for using JWSOUND to inform us of your products which could be useful for our work. I do not, however, appreciate that when you "noticed some traffic from this forum" you took the opportunity to post an entire advertisement complete with part numbers, pricing and shipping information, and you posted to 3 different sections of the site. The only place that your post would remotely belong would be in the Manufacturers & Dealer section. This is where I have moved your original post and I have deleted the others. I would have preferred that you would have spent some time on this site getting a feel for what goes on here before posting; we welcome the participation of all manufacturing companies and dealers, and individuals who are designing and building products for our industry, but this site should not be used as a free conduit for advertisement and promotion.

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Jeff, I apologize - I did not realize that was in violation of the forum rule. It won't happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Derek, thank you for your question. All Lemo patents have expired: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEMO

It is not illegal to produce replicas of product unless you actually physically label them as LEMO which is a violation of the trademark. Push-pull connectors are manufactured by many companies as well like Fischer Connectors, ODU connectors and Souriau connectors which a lot of them are "backward-compatible" with LEMO as well.

The only technical difference between the KeyWolf connectors and LEMO connectors are the material of the insulator. LEMO insulators are made of a plastic material called PEEK and ours are made of a material called PPS.



Both are highly-engineered material and having the insulator made out of PPS provides the same dielectric voltage and insulation resistance characteristics. The PPS does add about 2% more weight to the overall connector mass. This difference is reflected on our datasheet and part numbering as our part numbers end with CXAD instead of CLAD. X being PPS and L being PEEK.

Other than that, all other materials are the same and the manufacturing processes are the same. Contacts are machined gold-plated contacts, shell is chromed-plated, dimensions are the same as an example.

Please let me know if there are any other questions that I can answer.

Have a great day!

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