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ew100 G3 receiver issue (pulse noise) *SOLVED*


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Edit: This issue is solved. As Jaymz suggested, the receiver was getting T-power from my 302. Silly me. "Is the power cord connected?"

Can someone recognize my new "friend"? One of my two G3's is outputting a pulselike "signal" (an unwanted one, that is). You can check a recording of it from the link below:


It's sometimes lower, sometimes higher. As you can deduct from the recording, the receiver puts it out even when the transmitter is off. What's worse, it puts it out along with a transmitter signal, so it get mixed into the sound. When a transmitter is on, it seems that it's mostly gone when there's only ambient noise going on but it comes right back when a louder sound such as speech is emitted. I've tried different banks and channels and AF Out level settings, changing the output cable, it's always there.

My other G3 pair is fine. One other thing I notice is that when I compare them with identical settings, both fitted with Rode Lavs, this problematic one seems to also output more noise, as if the compander was doing weird stuff.

This pretty much looks like I have to take it for a warranty checkup. Annoying since I just got the other transmitter back from a full mobo change (spontaneously died on a shoot, no explanation). Still, I'd love to know if someone has an idea of what's going on. Not much of an electrician myself, but still.

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" This pretty much looks like I have to take it for a warranty checkup. "

have you tried the double secret, ultra master reset sequence ?

Since you seem to know it why don't you post it so everyone can have it as just in case? You know share your knowledge kind of thing, otherwise STFU.


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This may seem obvious, but this is the exact kind of sound it makes when phantom power is being sent from the input. Worth checking.

Yeah it might seem obvious, but sometimes you seem to be oblivious to what's right in front of you. So, problem solved and I'm left feeling both glad and a bit silly. Thanks a lot!


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I attempted to mix a boom and a G2 with a MixPre on a single system project. I was feeding a boom mic so p48 had to be turned on. Unfortunately the G2 on the other channel was getting phantom as well. (All on or all off). The G2 was barely audible and the batteries lasted about 20 minutes. I turned off the p48 and the G2 was working fine afterwards.

I had to grab an external p48 power supply for the boom.

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