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Script reading & sound reports / notes on the iPad

Dane Cody

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Hello all, been viewing this great forum for a while. Diving in with my first post. I did a search but couldn't find anything relevant, apologies if the topic has already been covered.

I just purchased an iPad, Movieslate app & have installed CL WIFI on the iPad. I'll be going the paperless route for my sound reports & I would like to do the same for scripts, reading & annotating them on the iPad. Anyone doing this?

Here's some background info, if at all helpful:

I work on a long running television series that currently gives paper scripts to all crew members that need it. I use these to write my sound reports on the back of (notes mainly) & to mark up the scripts, making dialogue amendments & highlighting speech numbers according to boom 1, boom 2, lav 1,2,3 etc. I do this as I create a stereo mix of all necessary tracks, as most on here probably do. By using different coloured highlighters on the paper scripts, I know when to throw up and down the faders to minimise extra noise in the mix tracks, reduce confusion/too many signals for my boom ops & to just pull a clean mix for post. I'm told they use my mixes a lot of the time (as its a high turnover drama). Anyone else work this way or have different suggestions on other workflows?

Any responses greatly appreciated!

Thanks all.

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There are a couple good threads about this actually. What recorder are you using? I assume SD 788T since you have CL-WiFi. What you're using is pretty common from what I hear, but I'll throw out a shameless plug for my sound report app, Sound Report Writer. It does a lot of the things as the others, but just in a different way. I actually have an update coming out soon that adds several highly requested features. Hoping to get it submitted to the app store tomorrow. I use my app and CL-WiFi/Wave Agent most often.

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I use sound report writer. Been great on this show. Waiting for some needed upgrades patiently. Only downside on one day I left auto lock off too long

And accidentally deleted the days reports in my pocket! Rewrote them and

Won't be making that error again!

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