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Underwater Surround Documentary in production

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Is the underwater world a silent world?

No, the depths of the sea are as full of exciting sounds and voices as any other habitat rich with species. However, humans can't perceive these sounds under normal circumstances, and so this world has been hidden from us so far.

During the twelve days of filming around the Caribbean island of Bonaire for the documentary "The cannon crackers of the pistol shrimp", for the first time a microphone technology was used, that was previously only available to researchers and allows the recording of sounds of the underwater world not only true-to-life, but also in surround quality. This documentary is a teaser for a documentary series "Sound of the oceans" production is starting this year!

Ambient Recording is honoured to be part of this ambitous project!

Believe me when I tell you that it is an amazing job to do! Not only to hear stuff you never heard before every day but also,... well look at the pictures ;)

I hope you enjoy watching the teaser!

To watch it in surround please download it here

To watch it in stereo on vimeo please click here

To get more informations click here


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Yesterday I put in a request in to production to rent this very rig from Coffey Sound for a surf documentary. I suspect they are going to say no because of the cost- but we'll see. Looks like a lot of fun.


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@ JonO:

Wow, there could be awesome sounds to record!! Maybe they 'ld pay only a week for sound design recordings... than you even would get rid of the nasty camera guy producing bubbles and telling you to go out off the sun... ;)

And if your recordings for any reasons don't work out propperly, you still could win the 1920th weight lifter lookalike contest...


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