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Nomad CF cards

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Zaxcom is in the process of compiling a list of CF cards that currently work or don't work with Nomad. If you would please email Zaxcom at: support at Zaxcom dot com with what cards you have had success with - or didn't. Please be as specific as possible with brand, speed, size etc. Also let them know if you are using it in the primary and or the mirror slot or both.

After the list its compiled it will be posted here.


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Why is it that some cards work and some don't?

I'm not sure the technical reasons.

Though the latest software allows Nomad to work with most cards but some are still just a bit finicky. So the purpose of gathering this information is not only to be able to supply users with "approved" media but also to give Howy the ability to tweak the software to allow Nomad, and other Zaxcom recorders, to work with all cards.

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I have been using Transcend 16GB 133x cards for a while now in both mirror and primary, with no issues. However, been hearing that those cards won't mount in the primary for others. Mine mounts fine. Is this only an issue in the newer firmware? (still running 2.95 here).

Actually this is an issue with the older firmware.

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Was this list ever posted?

Pretty much it was determined that if you are using the latest software there aren't any known card issue.

It is recommended that you use brand name cards like Transcend or SanDisc - any size, any speed. Any other brand cards will work as well though Howy has said that there have been some reports that some Kingston and Delkin cards have given users some problems but nothing that he was able to definitely duplicate so he advises to test them before use. If you record multi tracks for 15 minutes and you have no problems playing back you will should be fine. I personally have used Delkin cards several times in the past when production showed up with them And never had an issue.

But as always please buy your cards from a reputable source because counterfeit cards do exist.

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