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I hate iPhones.

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As handy as the iPhone has been to me (early adopter here), I agree that my face is not flat from my ear to my mouth, so pressing my oily flesh up against the glass surface really only makes it smudgy, and I can't seem to hear a damn thing.

Makes you wonder. The last clamshell (sorta) smartphone was/is that Blackberry. If that was running Android, would people buy it? I wouldn't be surprised if there is an Android clamshell phone. The original Palm phone was sorta similar looking to the old Moto phones from the early 1990s. Kyocera QCP 6035, the keypad flipped open to reveal the touch screen, though you didn't *have* to do that for phone use.

From the Samsung vs Apple lawsuit, we now know Apple was working on a phone years ago, and the project was majorly rerouted when the tablet team got some breakthroughs with touchscreen technology and the UI to control it. It basically sounds like the prototype phones had buttons. Kind of interesting considering the Newton had a decent touch screen. Also explains why Inkwell was in OS X for a few years.

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The last two movies for me have been entirely way too email dependent --- everything is being done with email, call sheets, script updates, maps, hotel directions, last minute changes of all sorts, etc. On this movie, I had this thought: what if I told production I didn't have a smart phone, didn't have a computer, don't even know how to use email. I think the reaction from production would have been "we've obviously hired the wrong guy for this job". I actually like the instantaneous updates via all things Internet, but it also allows them to do really stupid things very quickly, assuming all the time that you can follow all of that information all the time.


They also email entire scripts to you and you use up all your paper printing them out-----not good.



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I've put off getting a smartphone for the past seven years for most of the reasons listed here and then some.  My old flip Samsung has been totally adequate for my needs.  Why buy the entire Snap-on Master Mechanics tool set if you only need a screwdriver and a hammer?   But technology has caught up with me this week;  I'm starting to miss emails/texts. I have to recharge a new OEM battery several times a day just to keep my phone operable.  My daughter's four year old dumb phone gave up the ghost today and Mother's Day is on Sunday.  Going to the Apple Store tomorrow for three new iPhones.  Time to bite the bullet and to pay the piper.

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It's a tool to make your life easier. Use it wisely and it's awesome. Not just strictly for work, but finding restaurants when in a new city/town, popping up a satellite image to see what's over that ridge line, seeing where the sun will rise or set, finding constellations, and taking the random turn to go on the scenic route when you know your GPS will get you back. The phone will drop the volume on your music or podcast when GPS is giving you commands (I use a Bluetooth car stereo link). It's also nice to always have a decent point n shoot camera in your pocket that powers up in a second. That's unique to iPhones, I missed so much great things with Android or Blackberry because it took forever to launch the camera. The iphone will let you take pictures from the lock screen.

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