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Thought y’all would be interested in this:    

Don't think many readers will seriously think about abandoning the van they drive down the freeway with but... this would be cute for moving the rig around the lot (better than a golf cart anyway

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I loved this thread from beginning to end. Thanks to all for the inspiration. I bookmarked several pages. I am a lifelong biking fanatic, but since living in LA (15 years now) this has manifested primarily as mountain biking (tons of that here) and also bike paths along the ocean. I've bike-commuted to jobs when the gear is already there, but this thread has reawakened my research into all the cargo, trailer, and electric assisted options. I've been intrigued by that, but in all honesty there are very few jobs I do where that would be a viable option. Grocery shopping is another story.


jwsound is truly the best. I've been away too long. Gotta find some time to catch up on all the brilliant ideas here.



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Simon Paine just got a fat bike, so he's well prepared for the wintry tundra of canadia! 


unfortunately for myself, 99% of my jobs are outside of 20 miles away with not very bike friendly routes. If I were in a larger city, I'd be all about figuring out a way to bicycle transpo to work!


and maybe next NAB, we need should all head out to bootleg canyon for a day of riding mountain bikes!

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