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Surround 5.1 DVD Authoring


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Hello to all.

I have six audio tracks ready mixing from Pro Tools. L, R, C, Ls, Rs, LFE.

What programm use for encoding this files and create one file to put in DVD Architect 5.0?

Thank you very much.


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Does your audio have to be married to video? If so, I would give the PCM files back to the editor or whomever is handling authoring the DVD and it will be encoded along with thr video.

Compressor is a good tool if you are encoding the files yourself.

Production Sound Mixing for TV, Film, and Commercials.


Yeap. I need to "married" audio files (L, C, R, Ls, Rs, LFE) with the video in DVD Architect 5.0.

It's mine project. But I don't know what programm to use to create 1 file (AC3) and I put in Audio Track in DVD Architect.

Thank you very much!

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since DVD architect is only available on the windows platform, maybe a windows compatible program will be better suited here.

Minnetonka makes plugins that will encode to DTS and Dolby Digital from within Pro Tools: http://www.minnetonkaaudio.com/

Dolby Digital is essentially AC3, there is a freeware app for windows that will encode AC3 files ready for dvd authoring: http://code.google.com/p/wavtoac3encoder/

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Brand new member here who signed up to answer this question.

Since you or the person you're doing this for has DVD Architect, they should also have Sony Vegas which can easily do 5.1 creation for DVD.

I've been using Vegas for several years and have done a few 5.1 DVDs with it.

Mike Kujbida

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