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Philip Perkins

Tascam HD-P2 software update:

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Anyone using Tascam's HDP2 recorder should get the new software update from the Tascam site.  Here's a quote:


• Previously, the HD-P2 would incorrectly continue its transport motion when receiving still frame time code. This has been corrected in 1.05.

• Previously, the HD-P2 would not re-chase according to the setting of Auto Trigger when receiving moving time code after receiving still frame time code. This has been corrected in 1.05.

• The Scan Media function, which is part of the Windows CE operating system used by the HD-P2, has been found unreliable in rare cases. To avoid data corruption by Scan Media, this function has been removed.

Parts one and two were true of the last release (1.04)--those of us who needed this autorecord feature (just about every job I use the P2 on....) reverted to early revs that dealt properly with still frame TC.  I think a few of us complained repeatedly about this, since the way the P2 does autorecord operationally is one of the few things about it that is clearly better than the Sound Devices machines--or easier to use as a one-man sound crew in the field anyhow.  In any case I loaded the new version and it works fine, as advertised.  I'm impressed that Tascam made this fix, esp so long after the last update. 

The ScanMedia issue I've never run across in my work with the P2.  (Mostly just straight recording.)

Philip Perkins

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