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DIY and proud

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I thought it would be great to showcase our DIY parts and accessories. I find threads like this tend to inspire and spread knowledge. If you haven't had the opportunity or inclination to post past projects in this forum, please do so, be it power distribution, carts, specialty cables, gear modifications, antenna distribution, etc. I saw one mixer that cut up plastic one liter soda bottles to keep his rycote softies protected. Simple, elegant and effective.

I made these for these boxes for my boom ops. I send them full signal and I included a potentiometer to cut the volume to a level that works for them( Wyatt Tuzo was my electronics guru on this project).



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Awww, shucks, Graham! Thanks a ton, but I'm no guru... You put all the work in (and they look great).

I have been slowly chiseling away at a new project (I got a new board!), but it has been a bit slow going with the baby and work. I'll try to get some photos up soon. I've had to make 2 new D-sub harnesses for IO, another for return channels, and another still for my Comm sends/returns. I flew most of my additional outputs and boom IO's (plus sends, returns, and BNC for Video) to a laser punch patch-panel. I've been keeping busy during "nap-times", but super happy with the way things have been coming together.

If we wrap at a reasonable hour tomorrow night, I'll try to take some shots to post.

God help me if I ever get the job that requires I need to use this board to it's full capability.

I'm eager to see everyones work... This is bound to be a topic dear to my heart



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So I had some time to take some quick photos. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my cart around my new board... It has been a process. My cart is looking awfully naked without my monitor or backup recorder in there. I'll be sure to post some fully built cart shots to the gallery when I can. In the meantime:





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