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Lemo 3 pin connector for Zaxcom TX - Again


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Actually I did not know about these; thanks!


I wonder if there's some way a transmitter could be made where the plug is inside it, like behind the battery door. You insert the mic and the door closes over the whole thing with a sort of strain relief that catches the wire. No connector sticks out anywhere. Just a thought.

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On 6/2/2020 at 8:06 PM, John Blankenship said:


If you haven't yet, see my post on these alternate Lemo style connectors:




Thanks for sharing John. Would you and anyone else mind taking a photo of the tools you use to add a new or repair a LEMO connector? I just had talent sit on a connector that also had a microdot adaptor.  Seems like those are more susceptible to damage.

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I ordered 4 of these RED16 connectors. I'm going to start replacing my broken Lemos with these once they break. And they will break. Extremely fragile the stock ones I have. Absolutely can NOT use the "lav snake" to pull them down tight pants. The connector is guaranteed to rip right off. 


These do appear to be better than what I'm used to. Low profile but also a tightening collar that looks like I can just use needle nose pliers to tighten.

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