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I missed posting about the last couple of months' dollar deals in case I was in the wrong place so to do, but no one's castigated me, so here's a link to the June Dollar Deal. This month we have some nice machine sounds, eminently loopable, as well. Twenty effects for a dollar! How good is that? January & February deals still available.




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I'd like to add our  site to the list of sound effects libraries represented here. There are a good number of sound effects packs at $6-95 each on the site. Each pack contains between 80-200 sfx, and a preview button lets you sample a minute-and -a-half selection of sounds from each pack. The number of packs on the site will be regularly added to.



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Rocksuresoundz.com announces four new Sound effects packs available at $6-95 each, . This brings the total number of sound effects packs on the site up to 28.

The new packs are as follows: 

#17) Dragons Dinosaurs Monsters Creatures #18) Scary Frights Creaks Groans Ghostly Moans 

#19) Bangs, Explosions & Fireworks

#20) Electrical Sounds: Radio Static, Switches, Shocks, Electricity


The packs are zips of 24 bit/44.1kHz wav files.


Plus we also have one new music loop pack at $8-95. Spooky Loops is collection of 26 music loops. Most of the loops are 1:08 minutes long, and atonal in nature. They are designed to be interchangeable, seamlessly loopable, and can even be layered on top of each other if you wish. These loops would work very well in horror movies, thrillers or mystery documentaries as background music.


Products are available exclusively from http:rocksuresoundz.com

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Hey Guys. This is Timothy McHugh here from Sonniss. Hope you are all having a great day.


Since all of you are on the look-out for sound effects, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce our new platform.


For the past couple of months we have been working hard behind the scenes on ‘Sonniss’ - a premium digital marketplace for the buying and selling of boutique sound effect libraries from independent publishers.


Check it out over at http://www.sonniss.com and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. All of your favourite recordists have probably already signed up and there are lots of exclusive libraries that you won't find anywhere else on the internet.


  • Timothy.
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The Battle Crowds Collection by Coll Anderson / C.A Sound, Inc is now available on Sonniss...


This library contains over 10GBof high-quality battle crowds and civilian sound effects (Walla) in 500+ royalty-free source files with thousands of vocal variations (ranging from male, female, soft, hard, high, low and mid-ranged vocal dynamics). This collection of pre-edited source recordings has everything you need to audibly re-construct just about any type of battle or civil-unrest scene... and then some!




Includes full meta-information and recorded entirely at 96k / 24bitwith over 100 people in a highly controlled outdoor environment.


The Battle Crowds Collection | Sonniss.com

Get 25% off this library using DISCOUNT CODE: EARLYBIRD

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Well, everyone else is doing it: 30% off all libraries (except the dollar deals) including the Big Bag from midnight U.K. time tonight until 8 am 2nd December (for our West Coast America friends.) Use discount code BFG14 at checkout.

Happy what's left of Turkey Day for those of you still celebrating.




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Hey guys. Just thought this news may be of interest to a few of you in here…

To celebrate reaching 200 independently produced sound effects libraries on Sonniss in just under 4 months, we have teamed up with our vendors to offer exclusive discounts on thousands of dollars worth of sound effects libraries for the next 30 days.

You can find exclusive deals from: Chuck Russom FX, RDGSoundFX, 3maze, Beautiful Noise, C.A. Sound, Inc, Carl Malherbe, Detunized, Eiravaein Works, Josh Reinhardt, Giorgio Riolo, Glitchedtones, KDSound, Alexander Kopeikin, kpowaudio, Mattia Cellotto, Payam Tavakoli, Julian Ray, Red Sound Libraries (Fred Devanlay), Samuel Justice, SoundFuse, SFXsource, Sonic Salute (Mikkel Nielsen), SoundEXmachina, SoundBits, thesoundcatcher, Graham Donnelly, Stereochemistry, Chris Sweetman, Timothy McHugh, Tovusound, Bonson Sound Libraries, USO, Carlo Ascrizzi, TheLibrarybyEmptySea, & Membrans Sound Design.

Don’t forget to check it out. Pretty much every independently produced sound effects library on the internet is on sale. Various discounts ranging from 10% to 50% off all libraries.




Here are the discount codes…


  • Chuck Russom FX 20% RUSSOM20OFF

  • 3maze 30% 3MAZE30OFF

  • Beautiful Noise   50% BEAUT50OFF

  • C.A. Sound Inc 25% CA25OFF

  • Carl Malherbe 50% CARL50OFF

  • Detunized 40% DETUN40OFF

  • Eiravaein Works 20% EIRA20OFF

  • Josh Reinhardt 30% FOLEY30OFF

  • Giorgio Riolo 30% GIOR30OFF

  • Glitchedtones 50% GLITCH50OFF

  • KDSound 20% KD20OFF

  • Alexander Kopeikin 50% KOP50OFF


  • Mattia Cellotto 30% MATT30OFF

  • Payam Tavakoli 20% PAYAM20OFF

  • Julian Ray 50% RAY50OFF

  • RDGSoundFX 25% RDG25OFF

  • Red Sound Libraries 10% RED10OFF

  • Samuel Justice 50% SAM50OFF

  • SoundFuse 20% SFUSE20OFF

  • SFXsource 50% SFX50OFF

  • Sonic Salute 20% SONIC20OFF

  • SoundEXMachina 30% SOUND30OFF

  • SoundBits 50% SOUNDBITS50OFF

  • The Sound Catcher 50% SOUNDCATCH50

  • Graham Donnelly 50% SPEC50OFF

  • Stereo Chemistry 10% STEREO10OFF

  • Chris Sweetman 10% SWEETMAN10OFF

  • Timothy McHugh 50% TIMO50OFF

  • Tovusound 30% TOVU30OFF

  • whatisvalis 40% WHAT40OFF

  • Bonson Sound Libraries15% BONSON15OFF

  • TheLibrarybyEmptySea 15% SEA15OFF

  • USO 30% USO30OFF

  • Bluezone Corp 40% BLUE40OFF

  • Carlo Ascrizzi 10% CAR10OFF

  • Membrans Sound Design 25% MEMB25OFF
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Hey guys!

I just released my first library of electromagnetic field recordings. All sounds were recorded with an Elektrosluch 2 stereo coil pickup microphone at 192kHz/24bit. Some examples of sounds found in this library are the inner workings of a car as it starts up, dopplered garden lantern hums, and microwave power ons.

Electrical Awakening | Sonniss.com





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Here are some free SFX that are great quality. You'll have to click all of the links to download them all and some of them require you to make an account prior to purchasing. Most of them are high quality recordings and done really well. Free is free!


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Busy fall for us at Undertone, so we are late in releasing 2 libraries:

Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs is a huge library of a variety of cups, bottles, glasses, mugs, steins, growlers, stemware, styrofoam and paper cups, low balls, high balls, shot glasses, snifters, sips, drinks, swigs, slurps, glugs, pours, dumps, drips, set-downs, slides, slams, pick-ups and more! With 300+ files, and a run time of over an hour and a half, this package has you covered for a wide array of human interactions with liquid and their containers.


You can get Sips, Pours, & Set-Downs ($75) + Cooking & Food Prep ($200) for a total of $225! (Save $50)


Also released, early last week, Winter Forest.  The Winter Forest is almost like the desert, most of the life has left or gone dormant.  But stay long enough, and like the desert, you will hear life starts to punctuate the stillness.  Pileated Woodpeckers hammering at trees.  Crow calls.  Wind.  Branches creaking. And, yes, even bird songs.

24/96 QUAD!



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Hello everyone,

So, I will try here at jwsound as well and I hope this is the right thread: I am looking for stereo ambiences of rural and semi-desertic regions of the Middle East for a documentary largely shot in southern Israel. General desert ambiences are not too hard to find or to put together but I would also like to have genuine recordings from that area if at all possible. 

If anyone knows about any packs or has some quality stereo or 5.0 recordings that they would give away/sell/exchange with other ambience files please reply or pm, thank you.

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Rocksuresoundz.com has gone through some upgrades in the last few days. This includes adding seven new sound effects packs ( as listed  below) along with 24 new royalty-free music tracks. Other improvements include adding meta data to the sfx wav files, and making the website more mobile compatible. There are now 35 sound effects packs and several hundred royalty-free music tracks available on the website.


New Sound Effects Packs - November-December 2015
Packs are $6.95 each

Pack 22 - Locks, Latches and Safes

Pack 23 A -Metallic Clunks, Thuds, Clangs and Scrapes

Pack 23 B - Workshop Tools and Machinery

Pack 23C - Construction Site, Earthworks and Building

Pack 12B - Footsteps Part 2

Pack 09D - Sci-Fi - Strange Effects, Pulses, Space Crafts & Motors

Pack 20B - Beepers, Clickers, Counters & Computers

7 New Packs-v2-FR-small.jpg

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