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Am I overvolting my gear? (BDS)


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I recently switched to a Remote Audio BDS system with an NP1 battery.

My Tascam HDP2 has a power reading option in the menu, and it reads 16.85V at first use of the day. The display rolls and blurs. This doesn't occur on AA batteries.

Is this normal? Coming from a computer hardware background, this sounds very high.


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You could use a DC to DC converter between the NP1 and the BDS. You could also use a DC voltage regulator, however they dissipate heat as the difference in the input to output voltage - ie wasting current.

I know its another country - but hey this is 2012 - ETE in New Zealand make a great little unit - see here - cheap & well made.


Look at the Non isolated step down (918.00.00) DC-DC45 - 3 Amps - in a little box with flying leads to attach to whatever plugs you want.

You may notice that the input DC voltage is from 5 to 60 volts and the output can be set at the factory between 1.2 and 30 volts.

My suggestion is you contact them by email or phone and explain your problem. You could settle on an output voltage of say 13.8 or 14.2 volts and never worry about that 16.85 volts again.

Perhaps you could even mail them the connectors you need and they could attach them to the flying leads.

I have dealt with them a few times - their knowledge, service and product quality are excellent.


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I used to use my HD-P2 with an unregulated Hawk Woods system which peaked at 14.something volts, that never gave me any problems, the 302 I think is suitable for use at up to 18V? Someone will correct me in the likely event I'm wrong.

By the way, your computer hardware background counts for fuck all here :)

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The TASCAM HD-P2 will take almost anything you throw at it. 16V is absolutely no problem, the power input is good to around 24V.

The TASCAM DR-680 is much more picky. Above 14V you may burn out a capacitor (or more) in the power input circuitry. The DR-680 power input was designed for the 12V power brick, not as a general purpose DC input.



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