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PSC cart shelf

Tom Maloney

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I am sure you senior soundies have your carts the way you want it. I have had mine a little over a year and it seems every time I use it I find changes to make to make it function better.

I wanted a way to velcro items on the top shelf to keep them from moving, Such as my 788T and power supply.

I tried self stick velcro to the carpeted top shelf and its works for a while then lets loose

I have found a place to purchase velcro ( the loop fuzzy side ) by the yard

Industrial Webbing Corp sells it 60" wide and any yard length you want and any color.

This fabric is commonly used for display walls at trade shoes

I cut a piece same size as my top shelf, glued it to some white heavy duty foam board and placed it on top of the shelf. It has a nice feel, better than the HD carpet than comes from PSC for the shelves.

Then I glued a small piece of the hook velcro to what ever I want to put on the shelf

You don't need a big piece on the gear. Now I can place my gear where ever I want on the top shelf and it stays put yet easily removed when wanted.

Now I need an idea for a cup holder ! or any other good ideas you folks have done to your carts

Tom Maloney


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