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Line up on EX3 and 60D

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I will be doing a shoot this week with either a 60D or an EX3.

Looking through the EX3 manual I see pics of the on-screen audio meters, but they seem to have no markings.

Where on the meters do I wanna see my -20dBFS tone?

Looking at the 60D manual, there is NO mention of audio in.

Anyone have experience putting scratch on a 60D?

Many thanks,


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I own a 60d, and it has an 1/8th inch mic jack. Mic level signal only. As far as I can remember there are no markings on the meter. Unless it has the Magic Lantern firmware, the meters are only present when setting the audio leve from the menu. At least you can disable the automatic gain control on the 60d as opposed to the 7d.

I've recorded sound to an ex-1 (not sure if it's the same menu though), and the menu was confusing. I remember having a hard time to find where to disable the AGC. I also remember the attenuation seemed to be backwards, but that could've been the agc fighting me. It didn't seem intuitive at all.

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You didn't ask, but the EX Sony's can sound ok (watch your headroom) and the 60D sounds pretty crappy. Even with the Magic Lantern firmware (which at least eliminates the AGC problems) it still is pretty lowfi--we had to be even more careful about headroom than with most video cameras. Having a mixer in front of it to "predigest" the audio would be a good idea. Go double system if they'll let you....

phil p

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