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Workflow to match Lav feed with boom?


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On 8/16/2012 at 3:13 AM, jack coghill said:

just to be controversial, I have used PRO AUDIO DSP's 'Dynamic Spectrum Mapper' for this task (match EQ), and had great results..



although mostly I also just use EQ and a bit of reverb and sometimes slapback delay



Hey Jack!  Just checked out Pro Audio's DSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper (I watched the video anyway).  That's really impressive.  I'm going to download the trial and try it out!

Thanks for the recommendation.


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There are other plugs that attempt the same thing.  If it works for you, great.  My experience was that I spent just as much time trying to get the plug to do its job as I would just trying a match with EQ etc, and the results were comparable.  The advantage to the old school method is that usually the EQ etc settings are automated, and thus tweakable later on as the mix gets built.  The EQ match plugs were not something I wanted to run "live" under automation in a mix.

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I totally agree Phil.  I was mainly interested in the "differencing" of the EQ settings as a reference, more so than having a plugin magically fixing my EQ/compression issues.  What I'd prefer is a software that gave me the comparison and allowed me to apply the EQ accordingly and tweak as I see fit, rather than just applying an algorithm to "fix" my problematic areas.

I thought was that this plugin appeared pretty comprehensive in the way that it could allow you to "learn" and apply it elsewhere to fix certain issues.  Mainly the DeEssing and adjusting for different recording feeds (Since I did a fair bit of ADR in this mix).

If  you know of a software that just analyzes an area and reports a suggested change (EQ-wise) I'd love to know about it.  That's my ultimate goal.


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This is true.  I have iZotope's EQ match in RX5 advanced and it simply learns the envelope and applies it often causing unwanted problems.  I finally gave up on using it.  I'll look at the app you mentioned Phil.  Ultimately I'd just like a starting point to perform my own EQ tweaks. I do all my EQing in automation anyways so it's flexible.  Amazing how one day I can really like my EQing and the next I change it again.

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3 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

One old trick or method is that you often have to make the boom sound "worse" to get it to match....

The phrase that comes to mind here is - "you're only as good as your weakest link"

In this case, the weakest link is often the lav. So, muddying up the boom a bit never hurts to try.

Sounds like a lot of people have bad experiences with automatic EQ matching tools. As a rule of thumb, I use iZotope's EQ match first, and then if that fails (no plugin will be perfect), then I use the 'ol ears. Either way, it goes back to fixing, listening, and repeating as many times as time allows in order to achieve the desired result.

In my opinion, it is the job of the editor to help his fellow man (the mixer) down the line by attempting to make his life easier. Over processing does not help them though so it is always good to be as minimalistic in the editorial phase, unless you are going to be mixing your own edit.

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