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Sony ECM44 to Senny G3


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Does Lectro sound like Sony? If you ordered mics wired for Lectro and they arrived wired for Sony would that be your fault?

He only says this because it has happened. It happened to *me*, in fact, and it was my fault for writing "Senny" in the email and the vendor read "Sony".

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Many years ago boats, and ships, were steered with a sweep oar rather than a fixed rudder. Typically the sweep would be on the right side of the craft and that side was called "starboard." the "steering side" (Old English "stéorbord"). The opposite, or following side, was "larboard." This practice continued long past the time of using trailing oars to steer.

The potential for confusion is obvious. In a howling wind, the captain would call for the helmsman to turn to starboard but the helmsman, misunderstanding in all the noise, would turn to larboard.

It wasn't until the nineteenth century that use of the word "port" for the left side of the ship became commonplace. One theory is that vessels, by custom, tied up on the left side of the vessel, leaving the right side, with the important sweep, free. Why hundreds of years had to pass before an obvious source of possible confusion was corrected is not known.

Just a little sidebar (no extra charge) on how similar sounding names can cause confusion and make trouble.


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