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N. NJ CSA Needs Kickstarter Video | Trade for CSA Shares

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OK, here's a project six steps up from the, "Will work for Subway Tuna sandwiches," paradigm.


I quoted two wireless, double-system sound, and my Mino HD Flip camera at $1500/day for 2 days' shooting and one day of editing for his 2-3 minute Kickstarter pitch toward a new pole barn.

He and I figure one day (10/1 or 10/2) shooting at his farm in Port Murray, NJ:

  • He and another (his wife?) talking about the project as they work in the greenhouse. This will (in theory) provide all the pitch-related talking
  • A few (2-4) CSA shareholders will stop by to provide testimonial sound bytes
  • B-roll of a couple fields and some field work

And one day b-rolling their Farmers' Market Operation in Hoboken (9/15 is the date he suggested, but they're there Saturdays 9-2). He also does markets in Jersey City (Wednesdays 3-7) and Long Valley (Thursdays 2-7) I figure this day could be done with just the camera and sticking very close to people talking, if any.

His shares for 20-23 weeks are $800-$1000. He's also got free-run eggs that may be bartered, but he's set no value on that. We agreed he could take 50 tobacco plants from seedling to harvest as part of the barter, which simply means you can get creative.

I can't do the 9/15 date for sure.

Thought maybe someone in NNJ might be interested in the whole job or doing the 9/15 date for 1.5 shares that may (I'm guessing) be gifted if you don't live close enough but have loved ones who do...

Does this seem fair? Interesting?

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