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Gear available for rent

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I wasn't sure what category to post this in so I'm putting it here. I am on a gig in Dallas, TX until April of next year and, unfortunately, the production company insisted on providing their own equipment. So, all my gear is gathering dust for the coming months.

I am making all the pieces of my kit available for rental. Standard rental guidelines will be in place. Replacement or repair costs if damaged during the rental period, discount given for long term rentals, etc.

Here is what is available:

Zaxcom Fusion 12

Zaxcom 900LT transmitters (block 21, 3x LT and 1x LTH)

Zaxcom QRX100Q receivers (2 units, 4 channels total)

Zaxcom 900AA with STA100 stereo adapter, block 26

Zaxcom 900S stereo receivers, block 26 (2 receivers available)

Zaxcom IFB100 transmitter

Zaxcom ERX IFB receivers (4 have timecode option, 2 do not)

Sanken COS-11D lavs for all transmitters

Sanken CS-3e shotgun mic

Neumann KMR-82i long shotgun

Sanken CSS-5 stereo/mono shotgun mic

Rycote blimps and windjammers for all shotgun mics

Rycote softie for Sanken CS-3e

9ft K-tek carbon fiber boom pole with right angle, internally wired

Sony 7506 headphones (multiple pairs)

Petrol bag for Fusion 12

PSC RF SMA (cables available for both Zaxcom and Lectro receivers)

Zaxcom BlueFin antennas, 2 available

Lectrosonics SNA600 dipole antennas, 3 available

Versa-Flex harness

Denecke TS-3 timecode slate

Denecke TS-3EL timecode slate (colored sticks, backlit display)

Sound Devices MixPre-D

PM me with questions or to set up something.

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