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anyone interested in a sound PA ??

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from one of my students:

" ...Then you took us outside and we all had a chance to test out booming. That class really got to me and I wanted to thank you. Ever since I have tried to boom on all the movies I can. But as my graduation day is approaching I am getting interesting in taking some sort of internship. Specially because since I am an international student once I graduate I will have to leave the USA. So I was wondering ... if you know anybody that needs a boom operator that is willing to work for free. I just want to get experience and hopefully an internship that will possibly lead to a job. Any help you can give me will be immensely appreciated. Thank you for you time Kindly, Anuar Yahya

Los Happi Los Happi <loshappilos@gmail.com> "

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you want someone to drive 6 hrs north for free, and not tell them before hand what the gig is? I would never recommend anyone ever do either of those.

You're interested? You'll be surprised, too.

In all seriousness, I've never asked anyone to work for free on my set unless I could offer them an opportunity where they will get a huge leap start in their career. This one is it. It trumps all my gigs combined.

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I understand that, but it's still a tall order. I'm just curious what it is.

It is a pretty tall order, thus, I've never posted this up anywhere since we're abide by the NDA. Only through my trusted contact list and a few selected few who I've managed to get a hold of has offered in helping out.

Very similar in flying across country for an interview that you might not even get.

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really not similar to flying to an interview at all.

Flying for an interview is generally an all expenses paid deal with a pretty good idea that you got the job.

Just a little update. Anuar responded and was extremely interested in this project that's taking place tomorrow here in Norcal, however, he is still in school session and is unable to miss any more classes.

Btw, expenses are all covered.

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