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What ANT connectors on Audio Ltd. TX/RX


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Hi folks,

I always thought the Audio Ltd. TX/RX (and Lectro as well) had SMA connectors for the antennae. No I ordered a pack of SMAs for a small antenna distribution DIY project, and these are way bigger than the ones on the RX. Otherwise they look the same, just "zoomed in".

Anybody care to give me the exact type of connector?

THX in advance :)


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cant speak for the newer models, but every audio ltd ive owned or used (2000, 2020 and 2040) has had the same SMA connector on the transmitter and receiver.

do you have a link to the parts you ordered?

There should not be a difference. 2000, 2020 or 2040 systems.

I think (but not 100% since I can't find manual on their website) that even the EN2 series has a 'normal' SMA type.

It may well be a mistake in ordering or dispatch. :(

I agree. I ordered some SMa to BNC adapters recently and they fit on both my Lectrosonics SMdB's and Audio Ltd. 2020's.

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