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Fisher 7 Goes Outside


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I never did keep that kind of information on the booms. They were supplied by the particular studio lot you were working at, at the time.

Many of them became dented, dinged, beat up and generally not maintained. At times to noisy to use and eventually the way they

began to build sets more like practicals, they became unusable. Hence one had to become well versed with fish poles.

We did carry one with us on the camera truck on some of the shows I worked on back in 80's.

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I think Fisher was trying to update their listing of where the various Model 2 booms ended up-at least they expressed interest back in the late 70's. Don't know if they are still trying to track them or not.

I doubt there is any way to tell what shows any given S/N boom was used on, except for whatever rentals went out directly from Fisher. There were so many of these things kicking around the various stages and backlots in the 70's and 80's that any attempt to keep track of which boom was used on any given show would next to impossible. I still keep one on our truck for most shows, but sadly it gets little use these days....


I meant like a serial number # 125 or #253 ETC. That way you should be able to track it down. It would be very cool if fisher had a log book for every arm, showing every show it was on,build date ETC. I started to keep a log of the Serial #s of the different arms and bases that I have worked with just for fun. Did your rig ride in this truck ?

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