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Lectrorepair IN NYC

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I have not commented too much here. Not sure if it was within forum rules.

Looks like keeping users informed about service is politcaly correct here.

Just to advise everyone here Our Company Jaycee Communications Inc, is the Warranty service center listed on the Lectro web site. Been doing this full time for 4 years. Spent 30 years with ABC Network in the RF department.

We are 10 miles from NYC, we work on the older equipment and all the new RF equipment.

That's all we do is Lectrosonics.

web site www.lectrorepair.com


Have fun with your Lectros.

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Jerry has repaired all of my Lectros. Always has them working like new and updated to latest

firmware when I pick them up. I am just lucky that I live close enough to pick them up from him.

Highly recommend his work.

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