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Pluraleyes 3.0 Released


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Hi All,

Just for general interest, thought some of you may be interested in knowing that Pluraleyes 3.0 is available.

Link and Video : http://www.redgiants...all/pluraleyes/

I've used the demo version of Pluraleyes 2.0 on a few hours worth of footage from 2 Canon DSLRs and a Tascam HD-P2. When shooting I had to ensure that I got good scratch audio levels on the cameras - probably best to feed the DSLRs a direct feed from a mixer rather than relying on the internal DSLR mic.

All in all it worked well - a real time saver. I found it very interesting to have actually used Pluraleyes because it helped me personally experience the DSLR audio workflow firsthand and influenced my audio setup on subsequent DSLR shoots.

Apparently the 3.0 version is more efficient and much faster - anxious to try it.

Thanks for your interest.... cheers.


P.S. I have no connection to Red Giant & Pluraleyes... just an end user :-))


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Still no Windows support. Until they can make this work with Premiere for Windows, its of no use to me.

FAQ from site:

Does PluralEyes support Premiere Pro CS4/CS5/CS5.5?

Support for Premiere Pro CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 is now shipping for both Windows and OS X.

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The Red Giant gang are working on the Windows version of PE3:


Q: Will PluralEyes 3 support Windows?

A: Yes! The Windows version is in development, and will be a free update to PluralEyes 3 customers. Your current purchase also includes PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes, the original tools that support Mac, Windows and all NLEs. If you are new to PluralEyes — and working on Windows — this gives you instant access to the freedom of syncing.

Q: When will the Windows version be released?

A: We plan to release support for Windows soon. To keep informed of the latest updates to PluralEyes, we recommend registering for our newsletter here.

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