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Yard sale TV set

Bob Marts

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I bought a TV set at a yard sale in my neighborhood this weekend. Cost me $10.

It doesn't really work - the speaker hums and it glows when you turn it on, but I put it in my living room anyway because for now, I am getting my ten bucks worth just looking at it sit there.

It is a Hoffman Easy-Vision and the date stamped on the back is June 1, 1951.

The TV set had a unique feature for it's day: a slanted green tinted screen to ease glare and eye strain.

In 1951, some of the shows you could watch on ABC,CBS, DMN (DuMont Network) and NBC included

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, The Philco Television Playhouse, The Colgate Comedy Hour, Kukla Fran and Ollie, Captain Video and His Video Rangers, You Bet Your Life, Your Hit Parade, Roller Derby, Beat the Clock and Quiz Kids among others.

(Incidentally, in a couple of the photos, you can see my old bakelite rotary phone, hooked to my land line and it works great.)





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Maybe this will help:

Refurbishing a 1950 Hoffman Easy-Vision television set. Fun stuff ...


13 posts - 10 authors - Mar 21, 2010

bigalthethird posted 'Refurbishing a 1950 Hoffman Easy-Vision television set. Fun stuff!' in the Gretsch Discussion Pages 'Miscellaneous ...

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Nifty set. I'd be so tempted to sneak in an LCD unit in place of the screen.

There was a company that marketed fake Philco Predictas about ten years ago, and they were building new cabinets with modern color picture tubes. It looked very, very convincing:


An LCD set would not quite have the same panache, especially if it were 16x9...

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