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664 vs. Nomad Lite


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Many people have more space on the under side of the mixer, over top the petrol "bump" seems like a natural place. Above the mixer is where all the rx's are crammed. Actually, it would be nice to remote it to anywhere we like, far side of the rx's for example. Options are a good thing.

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" Any reason why not both? Much easier to get to the inputs if the add-on is under-slung, surely? "

right... new delivery expected early 2014, and (unofficial and off the record) pricing at around $1100

...and don't call me Surely


" Actually, it would be nice to remote it to anywhere we like, far side of the rx's for example. Options are a good thing. "


ok delivery now expected Spring '14 (around NAB), and (unofficial and off the record) pricing at around $1600

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Hopefully I can bring this topic back.  I've used the 664 a couple of times and felt it was quite straight forward machine. I just got my hands around a Nomad demo unit.  It feels more complicated, especially since this is the first ever encounter that I have with Zaxcom gear.  I have the feeling that as soon as I get used to its workflow it will be quite easy to use and in general I liked the machine a lot but what makes me think twice is the fact that there seems to be no seal around on the case of the machine.  To add to that when you open the battery/primary card little door (which also does not seal properly) you can see the board and the electronics of the machine (somebody else also mentioned that on another post). 


I have the feeling that the electronics would be eventually affected by the weather elements.  Condensation could be a major problem especially if you are shooting in very humid or rainy locations.


The sound devices build on the 664 seems much better to me but I'm really curious to hear opinions of people that have the nomad since the early stages of its release into the market and if anybody has experienced such problems.

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I used Nomad in some very humid conditions including the jungles of Ecuador - with zero issues.


I'm pretty sure that the machine will cope up really well on a job under these circumstances and I know of another fellow sound recordist using the Nomad on a job for three months in the jungle of Congo with no problems but I'm more afraid of the possibility that humidity etc will take their toll later down the line. 


It's the build up effect that concerns me and the reliability of a design like this in two years time.  Having a sealed design that many other companies including Sound Devices have gives me more of a peace of mind. 


I do own Sound Devices kit but it was all the amazing features that the Nomad has that made me look into the machine more.  I want to investigate this a bit more but I guess only time will give answers to matters like this.

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I have run both max and Nomad in the most extreme condition underneath lake mead. 120F to 130F and 100% humidity for around 4 hours each time. Never a problem...

Hi Rado,

I assume you were not in that environment for very long, because heat stroke would have occurred within minutes.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher


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For about 4 hours. there are AC vents here and there but towards the front of the tunnel they don't really work after 20 feet. I stayed right next to where the machine drills the tunnel for about 15 minutes each time. The company is Italian and everything is in Celsius. The thermometers were showing 53C last time " at the very front next to the drilling area" and we had a PA pass out or rather faint.. The rest of the tunnel drilling part showed between 41C - 47C.

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