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Boom/Utility Looking for Experience in LA

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Hi there!

If anyone here in the Greater LA area needs a boom operator or a utility guy, my hands/skills are available for the foreseeable future. I also have my own humble mixing gear and experiences, but I'm still building towards what producers usually demand.

But I want to be back on set, connecting with more experienced sound ops to learn more about our department, this profession, and the industry as a whole. As a boom operator, I'm a tall and slim guy, so getting above and out of frame is no problem. As a utility, I'm learning new ways to quickly wire, wrangle, and coordinate equipment every day.

In short - if you're looking for an eager, experience-hungry sound assistant in the LA area, please drop me a line anytime. PM me or check out my website for a full list of credits, equipment, and demos.


Matt Brodnick


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