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Audio Rental House in the DFW


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I've been looking for a Sound Rental House In the Dalla-Forth Worth area to either work as an intern or with an

apprenticeship. I truly would like to learn all about the sound equipment for film/tv. I ultimately want to become a

knowledgeable Sound Gal.

Any feedback would be beneficial.


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" wouldn't teach her much, if anything, about film and TV production. "

sorry, that is the best I can do.

if she can't figure out some other ideas, like local radio and TV stations & groups, production houses, etc. She asked about sound equipment rental, and that's where I pointed her.

She has apparently not found a production sound for film and TV store (like our usual suspects) nearby, so perhaps you can direct her better! or she can take the advice of the others who have responded, or will now.

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Hi Guys, I am in the scrambling process. My ideal situation would be to shadow a sound person and learn from there(just taking what i have heard from others)...also i would need to learn how to trouble shoot and how to repair my equipment. I have done many searches and im sure one of my connections will become available for me to be trained "some". Im not wealthy so i have to keep a steady job until i can find one that will benefit be both with my career and financially.

Actually all feedback helps because i am not as knowledgeable as you guys...basically its good to know info.

I will beware...I will check on the Dallas Audio Post right now and now i know everything that Hotels do with their Audio Visual.

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