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Looking for a cheap(er) charger for Cantar Li-Ion batteries?


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The Cantar charger from Aaton is manufactured by norwegian company Mascot and available pretty much world wide as the 2541Li. If you are in the UK, speak to Brian Murphy at Pulsar Developments +44 1628 473555. I charge my Cantar batteries either using the Hawk Woods MR4 and AD-8 adapter or using a 12v (2544Li) version of the Mascot / Aaton charger plugged into the 12v aux power in the van. Remember that Cantar LiIon batteries charge pos on pin 3 so as to protect them if plugged into an earlier NiMhd charger. Also worth noting is that HW will re-cell an Aaton LiIon battery for about £120 which includes higher capacity batteries (70wh, I think) and a new control board).

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