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TS-3 Slate back clip for notes plate came off

deep owl

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Email sent to Denecke but I figured I'd throw it out here and see if anyone has an answer (I wasn't able to find any postings via search or google).

I have a TS-3 and the clip for the notes plate came off the other day. I was able to fish out the spring and nut so the whole piece is together. I was wondering if it's easy enough for me to open up and pop back on myself or if it's necessary to bring it in.



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Yes it should. In the pic, the clip is detached and just sitting atop the brain case next to the hole it should be screwed into.

Only way I can see to re-attach it would be to unscrew the case from the slate and put it back on. Is that the way you've re-attached yours in the past? Mine fell off due to inept and bungling ME I guess. Didn't even notice it was getting loose or I'd have tightened it down good!


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Hi Daniel,

The log plate clip is easy to reinstall. Simply remove the 6 screws holding the back cover onto the back plate to get access to the inside. If you have some Lock Tight, I would suggest adding a drop to the clip screw.

If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, we will be happy to reinstall it for you at no charge.

I hope this helps!

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