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FWIW, modern cellphones started adding extra functions like cameras because there was a lot of extra space inside! Even though the necessary chips had gotten a lot smaller, there was a practical limit to how small the whole device could be if people were going to enter numbers with their fingers. So manufacturers started adding the other stuff because the incremental cost was cheap and it provided differentiation.

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I got a skunk that crawled under my house. I woke up at 5AM smelling gas. I thought it was gasoline in my bedroom, turns out it was Pepé le Pew. 


1. Skunks hate the sound of human voices and are nocturnal, so all day the skunk gets: The Hunchback of Notre Dame audio book through a bluetooth speaker placed in the crawlspace vent. 

2. Being nocturnal, Skunks hate light: Two flashlights on strobe in the vents pointed under the house. 

3. Once I am certain Pepe has found a new home, I will seal off where Pepe "broke in". 



"Generic Skunk Mugshot"


I thought about buying a motion activated game camera, but don't really want to put any money into this issue. 


P.S. I have no interest in harming this animal or causing harm to any animals.







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