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Easy to transport yagi antennas

Jim Gilchrist

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My friends and former neighbors at Vark Audio have developed some easy-to-travel yogi antennas specifically for us location folks. They look pretty good and Evan Mater, who designed and built them says they seem to perform pretty well, offering around 10 dB of gain. Here are a couple of cellphone shots I snapped of the prototype while I was visiting the Vark shop today:post-1223-0-36313500-1355343344_thumb.jppost-1223-0-93376900-1355343361_thumb.jp

The longer section is right around a foot long, just for reference. Mounting is via 3/8" X 16 threads in the Delrin block, which you can sort of see in the picture. Evan says the mounting holes will be on the other side of that block in production units.

Best regards,


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I think it is quite easy to have a second break and a thereby a third section - where the straight erector pole meets the box that houses the BNC.

Also, it should be quite possible to have removable elements - instead of pinning them down into the erector pole.

This way, the entire antenna would be possible to be broken down and bunched along with the driven element.

Just some thoughts... :)


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